Case Study: Induplast

Case Study: Induplast-dafabet娱乐场黄金

Induplast has worked with Webpac for over a decade to promote their products on the Webpackaging platform and on the Induplast website. Webpac also developed the firm’s multilingual catalog, in which every possible term was translated for complete localization.

dafabet娱乐场黄金As part of their promotion, Webpac launched an innovative 3D advertorial spotlight allowing customers to interact with a new product launch in three dimensions.  This article was promoted in Beauty by Webpackaging, one of Webpackaging’s digital publications.

Induplast used Webpac’s Packbase software to keep the content of their web site up to date, and also used Webpac’s apps to download catalogs offline for use at shows and events.  The combination of marketing and web site generated significant leads for Induplast in their target markets.