Case Study: Plastiape

Case Study: Plastiape-dafabet娱乐场黄金

Plastiape is an innovative developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical devices.  When Plastiape wanted to gain greater exposure for their products, they came to Webpackaging for global promotion.  Webpackaging built a Supplier Portal for Plastiape which contained clear and simple information about Plastiape products, including 3D models of their very latest developments.

dafabet娱乐场黄金The Plastiape Supplier portal was promoted in Webpackaging Enewsletters, via geo-targeted banner adverts, and through the publication Pharma by Webpackaging.  Within only a few months, the target of 2,000 page impressions was smashed and Plastiape generated direct enquiries for their new products.  The Plastiape team were able to see who was interested in their content and this included pharmaceutical companies as well as pharma packaging distributors.  Hundreds of users also visited Plastiape’s web site and some contacted Plastiape directly by telephone (Plastiape saw this in their logs).  The marketing campaign was a cost-effective way for Plastiape to launch products and gain targeted global exposure.