Webpackaging more than doubles number of visitors in 12 months

Webpackaging more than doubles number of visitors in 12 months-dafabet娱乐场黄金

Webpackaging.com continues to grow, with over 40.000 visitors to the website in the month of January. This is more than twice the visits Webpackaging.com was getting in a comparable period the previous year. This trend continues week by week, with Webpackaging continuously reaching an ever-bigger audience.

Webpackaging member suppliers see the benefits of this with an increase in the number of leads and enquiries directed to them from quality packaging buyers.

This growth comes from Webpackaging being a quality website with trusted content. Packaging catalogues, news and innovations, 3D models and of course the digital magazines is all highly rated content. Search engines like Google recognize this and directs professional packaging buyers to Webpackaging.com. Up to 75% of Webpackaging visitors comes from Internet search engines.

Additionally, the Request For Quotedafabet娱乐场黄金 tool where packaging buyers are posting open calls for quotations on specific packaging solutions is full of leads ready to be picked up.